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My roots stem from urban street art and my love for graffiti. As a kid, I would see all of the graffiti in my neighborhood and I admired it, so when you look at my work you may see hints of that coming through. I didn't always think of art as something that could help me escape from life. Let me explain. On my 18th birthday, I found out I had cancer and it was extremely tough on me. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I really didn't know what to do, but I soon realized every time I was sitting in the chemo room, it wasn't so bad as long as I had my sketchbook and a pencil. As soon as I would start drawing, all of the IV's and chemo bags would just fade away. I was always in my own world and I was able to create and imagine things that would pull me away from my everyday struggles. This was my escape. Nowadays, I enjoy working with pretty much any medium because I love creating. I guess you could call me a creative alchemist.


3D Splash
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